Inside Tara Lipinski’s Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party in Paradise: ‘It Was a Wedding Pregame!’

Inside Tara Lipinski’s Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party in Paradise: ‘It Was a Wedding Pregame!’

Tara Lipinski

Bride-to-be Tara Lipinski and her fiancé, Fox Sports producer Todd Kapostasy, broke from tradition in favor of a four-day joint bachelor-bachelorette destination fête in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The couple invited 13 of their closest friends to join them at a beautiful beachfront villa on famed Palmilla Beach. The six-bedroom home is located on a private cove surrounded by a gorgeous sandy beach — and it even came with a personal chef/margarita-maker!

“I didn’t have the urge to go to Vegas or Miami or do anything crazy like that, I just wanted to be with Todd and all of our friends together,” Lipinski, 34, tells PEOPLE. “We’re so happy we did a joint party, because a lot of our friends hadn’t met before and now we have four days of great memories to talk about at the wedding.

“It was a wedding pregame!”

Lipinski and the girls spent their days swimming in their infinity pool among an assortment of “hilarious” floats her pals stuffed in their suitcases.

“Their luggage was bulging and I knew something was up,” says Lipinski with a laugh. “They literally brought so many floaties from swans to unicorns and they even had a giant engagement ring float!”

The boys (most of them Kapostasy’s friends from work) spent their days watching basketball and lounging poolside or on the beach.

But come sunset, the clan made a point to regroup for dinner and margaritas.

“We would have these big dinners at night on this little hut on a ledge that had this amazing view of the ocean,” says Lipinski, who booked the house through HomeAway rentals. “We’d sit there and eat and talk for hours and play music and stay out until 2 a.m. catching up and laughing and being silly.

“And those are the best memories, ones I’ll cherish forever.”

Adds Lipinski: “I would totally recommend the joint bachelor-bachelorette party. For anyone open to it, I would say it’s the perfect recipe — you get to be surrounded by your fiancé and your girlfriends!”

Their meals were prepared by a personal chef, who specializes in colorful cocktails.

“We had Santos, who was our angel of the weekend!” says Lipinski. “He made us his famous mango margaritas plus breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

“We essentially had a private chef while we were there.”

In fact, everything was so inclusionary that the group only left the house one evening.

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“The girls made matching flower crowns and had headbands with sombreros on them which we wore out,” says Lipinski. “Our night out was a blast.”

For most of the weekend, Lipinski’s friends wore teal-colored cover-ups, while she sported a white one.

“I also had a white hat with ‘Bride’ on it,” she says. “And they had hats that said ‘Tribe.’ We all call each other the tribe, that’s our name on our group text.”

“This whole weekend was just a dream,” says Lipinski. “It’s crazy now that the wedding is only a month away.

“I actually wrote my vows on the way back and they need some editing, but I know they’re right.”

The only thing that could have made her Cabo bachelor-bachelorette party any better?

“We missed Johnny!” says Lipinski of Johnny Weir, her bridesman. “He had to work, but he was keeping up with everything on text and we sent him videos!”

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